Tuesday, May 26, 2009

YUCKY Medicine!

Mom got some new medicine for me. She said that it's the same as the other medicine for the bacteria buggies, but it's just liquid instead of a pill. I guess she wasn't happy with the fact that I've been refusing to take the pills.

Mom said that the stuff is supposed to taste like chicken for me, too. WRONG. She squirted that gross stuff in my mouth and I nearly died. So icky! It was completely not what I expected. I kept trying to spit it out, but couldn't. Got some of it on the carpet, and some on my chin, but I had to eat the rest of the nasty, nasty stuff. I let Mom know just how I felt about it. I ran across the living room, trying to spit it out and wipe my face on the carpet at the same time.


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