Tuesday, May 5, 2009

They Mowed the Grass!

They mowed the grass by our house yesterday so now I don't feel like I'm walking through the jungle when I'm looking for a spot to potty! It's hard to hike your leg on a clump of grass when it's taller than you are. Don't get me wrong -- I can still get the job done. I just have trouble hitting the right spot in that clump of grass. More likely to get some pee-pee on my belly that way, too.

I was over by the pond yesterday when I found a really good smell to sniff. It was in a spot with lots of grass clippings. I decided to take some of that smell back home with me, so I started to roll around in the grass and wipe my face and ears in it, too. Mom was not amused. She had the nerve to yell at me for it. I suppose she didn't like the fact that I ended up with grass all over me. I enjoyed it, though.

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