Saturday, May 16, 2009

Graduation Day!

We graduated today! Well, Mom graduated...but she said that I also put in a lot of work so I should get to graduate, too. She even got me a special graduation outfit like hers.

And because Mom thought I should celebrate today, too, she gave me some new bling....a new tag for my collar! I used to have a blue tag shaped like a doggie bone. The new tag is a pink heart and it says "Princess" on the front and has my name on the back. It's really cool. Much more girlie than my old tag. Oh -- Mom also gave me a special squeaky toy thats a loofah doggie in a graduation outfit. Squeaky toys rock!

We started our graduation day out really early. Grandma Cindy, Grandpa Marion, Aunt Katie, Uncle Barton, and Aunt Ginny all came down to see Mom and I. Grandpa and Uncle Barton stayed here with me while the girls went to Mom's graduation ceremony. I spent some time on Uncle Barton's lap, but I was too tired so I went to my crate to nap.

After the graduation, everybody came back to our house for a while and then we all went to see Grandma Pat. She had a party for Mom. I had fun there 'cause I was the only doggie and everybody wanted to pet me. I was really scared, though, that somebody was gonna step on me. I'm a very little doggie, you know!

Mom and I took some pictures together in our graduation outfits. I'll probably post them tomorrow. Mom said she's too tired to help me get 'em off of the camera tonight.

And speaking of tired...I need to go to bed myself...

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Barbara Lamar said...

Dear Lexi & Mom:

Congratulations on your Graduation Day...both of you. I know how hard it is on little 4 legged girls when Moms have to go to school...

P.S. I love your outfit more than Mom's! But Congrats Mom...too!