Monday, May 25, 2009

Umbrellas and Poop Bags

I woke Mom up early today 'cause I wanted to go outside. She turned on the TV to see what the temperature was outside, and she told me that the radar on the TV said it was raining out there. So when she took me out, she grabbed our umbrella thing.

But it wasn't raining! Mom looked at the TV but she didn't look out the window! How funny. She's so silly.

And 'cause she's not used to carrying the umbrella with her, she accidently dropped the empty poop bag. So she wouldn't let me do my thing until we walked all of the way back and found it. I can laugh at that now...but at the time I really had to go!

She was all worried that I'd poop before she found the bag. Just to make up for her making me wait, I pooped twice! I'm on that medicine for the bacteria buggies, so believe me when I say the poop wasn't pretty, either. You should have seen her trying to juggle the keys, the poop, the bag, and the umbrella!

And it actually started sprinkling on us when we were walking back up the sidewalk to our house. How ironic!

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