Wednesday, December 17, 2008

What's with This Weather?!

It was really, really cold. Then this weekend it got warm again. It was super windy, though. Those stupid leaves were sure flying at me in the parking lot. Mom said watching me walk out there was like watching a game of Frogger, whatever that means. I was practically a doggie kite with that wind.

Then it got rainy and I got all wet.

Then it got icy and my little legs flew all over the place when I tried to walk.

Then it snowed again...with more ice on top of it. I thought the rain meant that spring was almost here. I'm tired of this stupid snow and ice!

I don't understand where I'm supposed to go potty at when it snows. All of the grass is gone. That's where I potty. I'm gonna explode if I don't find some grass soon.

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