Monday, December 8, 2008

My New (LITTLE!!) Shirt

Aunt Katie gave me a present this weekend. I thought that was really super cool of her. I don't get presents very often from people other than Mom and maybe Grandma Cindy.

Anyway, Aunt Katie bought me a Christmas t-shirt that says "Ho Ho Ho!" on the back of it. Mom and I thought it was cute...but there was a little bit of a problem. The t-shirt was extra-small. I'm a little doggie, but not that little. Mom said I'd need a small or maybe a medium since I've been eating too many treats lately.

But last night Mom thought she'd try it on me anyway. I thought that was absolutely nuts. She almost got it stuck on my head!!! It hurt my leg, too, because of the stupid arthritis in it.

The shirt bunched up in my fur, and Mom couldn't get it to straighten out 'cause it was too little on me. She thought it was hysterical that the "Ho Ho Ho!" on the back was completely smooshed because of the bunching. I was not so amused. I told her the darn thing wouldn't fit!

You'll note that my tail is down in these pictures. I was NOT enjoying myself...even though Mom thought this was so funny.

See those holly leaves on the back? The "Ho Ho Ho!" is right above there, but you can't see it because the shirt was all smooshed!

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