Monday, December 1, 2008

It Snowed...Ugh!

It snowed at my house yesterday. I really don't like snow. It ranks right up there with leaves in my book. It's just too cold, and it freezes my little puppy paws. Brrrr!

Here's a picture Mom took of where we usually walk. I refused to walk any further than this, though, 'cause of that stupid snow. Mom doesn't like snow very much either, but she told me that it made the trees and bushes pretty. Whatever...

And here's a picture of what one of my favorite spots looked like yesterday. The snow makes it so hard to find a good spot to leave my mark. I try to sniff around, but the snow ends up going up my nose. That's NOT cool! Anyway, you'll notice that I was successful in finding a spot if you look closely. he he he! I can't go there today, though, 'cause the wind blew the snow around and it's too deep by that light pole. Big bummer...

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