Monday, December 8, 2008

Hoss, Uncle Marty, and Grandpa Marion

Guess what...I got to go see Hoss yesterday! He's my buddy. We had fun barking at each other for a bit, and we sniffed each other, too. Then, we went back and forth in Grandma and Grandpa's backyard, trying to pee on the same stuff. Hossy is a lot bigger than I am, though, so he has a lot more pee. He didn't have much trouble covering all of my spots. I sure tried, though.

The only downside of the day was in the afternoon when Uncle Marty and Grandpa watched Hossy and I. Mom left with Grandma Cindy. I think Grandpa Marion might be nuts. You know what he did to me??? Uncle Marty was sleeping on the bed, and Grandpa Marion picked me up and held me over Uncle Marty. I wasn't sure what to think...and I still don't know how Grandpa caught me. Uncle Marty woke up and told Grandpa to put me down, but he just put me on the bed and not the floor. It was WAY to high for me to jump down. I was stuck there!

And Uncle Marty just went back to sleep. I stood at the edge of the bed and tried to figure out how to get down, but it was too high. I didn't want to be up there -- seemed dangerous to me. I never get up on the bed at home. Finally Uncle Marty woke up again and helped me get back down to the floor.

I was sure glad to see Mom when she came back...

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