Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Puppy Nest

I love to make puppy nests out of my blankies. I curl up in 'em and stay nice and toasty with the blankies all around me.

I usually use my front paws and tunnel around in my blankies to make a nest. It can take me a little while to get it just perfect. Here's a picture of me working on a nest. Yeah, that's my booty stickin' up in the air. The rest of me is under the blankies, tunnelling.

But check out the awesome puppy nest that Mom made for me the other day. This really, really rocked! You could barely see me all curled up down there! Of course Mom had to take a picture and wake me up. In the bottom picture, can you see me giving her that dirty look??? I showed her how happy I was about the camera waking me up!

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