Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Puppy Poetry: My Name Is Lexi

Mom calls me “silly goose.”
I have no idea why.
I haven’t a single feather,
Nor do I ever fly!

Sometimes she calls me “Lexus.”
That’s closer to my name.
But I’m doggie, not a car,
So that seems a little lame!

“Stink Pot” is another one.
But I don’t take offense.
I’m really not a “pot,”
But the “stink” sure makes sense!

I’m “Solid Gold Doggie”
When I go to the vet.
But Mom says I’m worth it.
(I’m a cute, expensive pet!)

“Pumpkin Head” is the newest,
And the strangest name by far.
I’m nothing like a squash.
(My Mom is so bizarre!)

“Little Love” is my favorite,
And the truest, you see.
‘Cause I’m definitely little,
And Mom sure loves me!

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