Sunday, August 30, 2009

Sekurity Report: August 2009 PawPawty

The August 2009 PawPawty was held August 28 and 29 with a Woodstock theme. The PawPawty Sekurity Team included:

Captain SnickersSergeant Shawnee Shep
Officers Frosty and DewNinja Strike Force Leader MizCleo
Officer BrutusOfficer Annie
Officer MorrisDokumentation Officer Lexi-Lou

Official Sekurity Report

2:00 p.m.Officers Frosty & Dew reporting in for duty! Let's get this #pawpawty started!!
2:00 p.m.We're kicking off by remembering our anipals who couldn't be with us today.
2:05 p.m.Sekurity is raising a (non-alcoholic) glass and toasting to our pals across the bridge. *cheers*
2:18 p.m.Officer Frosty reports all is going well. No incidents. Everyone playing nicely. Lots of celebrating! Great start to #pawpawty.
2:30 p.m.Officer Frosty reports: but I think we got it under control. That was close!
2:58 p.m.Officer Dew made made sure everyone knew about the correct potty areas so we can keep everything clean and tidy.
3:00 p.m.Officer Frosty is getting distracted by all the cute doggies!
3:05 p.m.Officer Dew reports that everyone is happy and drinking themselves silly! So far a complete success!
3:06 p.m.Captain Snickers reports: our new #pawpawty Sekurity Officers Frosty and Dew are doing an EXCELLENT job!
3:11 p.m.Officer Frosty made a sekurity announcement regarding safe pawtying
3:25 p.m.Officer Dew has checked in on most of the kitties who are enjoying catnip bubbles and kitty-tails. All is meowrific!
3:32 p.m.Officers Frosty & Dew are circling the trip tent. Everything seems to be in order so far.
4:00 p.m.SEKURITY BULLETIN: Sergeant Shawnee Shep on duty for the next two hours - be sure to contact sekurity with issues.
Handoff Report:Sekurity might want to check in on @Dunkin_the_Cat - too many kitty-tails were consumed.
4:10 p.m.Sergeant Shawnee Shep reports that @Dunkin_the_Cat might have had too many niptinis and asked that the bus keys be handed over for safety.
4:15 p.m.Sergeant Shawnee Shep: Checking on @Dunkin_the_Cat, but thinks he passed out behind the stage.
4:17 p.m.Sergeant Shawnee Shep: Note that @Gabby_da_Tabby having issues with poop and gas (spelling/reading it, not actual poop and gas).
4:20 p.m.Sergeant Shawnee Shep investigated @bdgrlaw for slipping something in @Dunkin_the_Cat's drink. Accusation denied.
4:25 p.m.Trouble reported with @indykitty who placed catnip on Sergeant Shawnee Shep and also ran around nakey, nakey. Sergeant reminded @indykitty that nekkid animals is o.k….just no nekkid humans.
4:40 p.m.Sergeant Shawnee Shep advises @CJdoggirl to not tweet while driving to #pawpawty with @catbirddog.
4:45 p.m.Sergeant Shawnee Shep informs @Dunkin_the_Cat that investigation revealed all of the drinks is spiked, and not just those consumed by Dunkin.
4:52 p.m.Sergeant Shawnee Shep suspects foul play with illegal nip.
4:55 p.m.SEKURITY BULLETIN: Let officer on dooty noes if this kittey is spotted he was standing next to @Dunkin_the_Cat. Those is some dialated pupils!
5:00 p.m.Sergeant Shawnee Shep reports that @indykitty confessed to the drink spiking: "*laughs* I spiked the punch. I spiked the smoothies. I spiked you!"
5:02 p.m.Sergeant Shawnee Shep confiscates
5:05 p.m.SEKURITY ALERT: Please be on the lookout for @MissBusyBiz's dollie wot is missing.
5:12 p.m.MISSING DOLLY APB: fuzzy with a mustard stain from a food fight and one foot got into the mud - she comes to "Dollie."
5:20 p.m.Sergeant Shawnee Shep reports that @indykitty has seen the error if his ways and wants all to say no to nip.
5:23 p.m.Sekurity advises @SwtGeorgiaBrwn that wet fur contest with water pistol is OK as long as it is concenshual.
5:25 p.m.Officer Shawnee Shep investigated @Pandafur for illegal nip, but it was o.k. nip.
5:28 p.m.Report came in of a possible Dollie sighting. Turned out to not be the Dollie, and suspekt was released but not allowed to stay at #pawpawty 'cause too skeery!
5:35 p.m.@SwtGeorgiaBrwn voluntarily surrendered for shooting @Hellahedgie with a water gun; sekurity officer told her not illegal.
5:40 p.m.MISSING DOLLIE APB: The dollie up front in this picture is the dollie wot @MissBusyBiz is missing
5:55 p.m.Per @MissBusyBiz, she found Dollie under a blanket with a Teddy Bear. Brother Mac wil take Dollie home. Requested that sekurity talk to Teddy about the incident.
6:00 p.m.Officer Brutus begins his shift; Sergeant Shawnee Shep remains in case assistance is needed.
Handoff Report:@SwtGeorgiaBrwn was told wet fur contest wif water pistol OK as long as consenshual but keep eye on her, getting a little wild. Confiskated @indykitty‘s illegal nip stash; he has now seen the error of his ways & says to all say no to nip. @MissBusyBiz‘s dollie has been founded and has been sent home so she not get losted again.
6:05 p.m.Sergeant Shawnee Shep reports that @SwtGeorgiaBrwn and @CrewPack has handed in water pistols so no longer an issue.
6:30 p.m.Officer Brutus confiscates baggie of green stinky material ("nip") from @FestusLittleMan.
7:00 p.m.Officer Brutus investigates report from @Dunkin_The_Cat of a streaker. Photo proof is available.
7:30 p.m.Streaker has been identified as hairless cat. Asked to put on a Woodstock outfit to blend in more.
8:00 p.m.Captain Snickers reports for dooty.
Handoff Report:Asked streaker to put on clothes. Confiscated baggies from several smokers (nip, pot, u know). Chased off spammer. It's been really quiet the last hour. Confiscated stuff locked up in sekurity office.
8:10 p.m.Captain Snickers reminds #pawpawty of rule on nekkidness.
8:24 p.m.SEKURITY ALERT: @MissBusyBiz spotted a kitty stuck in the rafters. Please keep an eye out so you don't get felled on.
8:35 p.m.Captain Snickers confirmed the location of the kitty and put out a bulletin asking for help from any of the kitten's friends to help talk him down.
8:36 p.m.Officer Brutus, still at PawPawty, received request from @SydPie to locate lost ID (collar). Brutus found it on dance floor and returned it.
8:40 p.m.@MissBusyBiz reported a rear-pinch while on the dance floor. Captain Snickers is keeping an eye out for any more bad behavior. Advised @MissBusyBiz to report any future problems.
9:00 p.m.Captain Snickers deputizes @wilsonbear so that he can step out of #pawpawty for a minute. (It's good to be the Captain.) Ninja Strike Force Leader MizCleo is also available to assist.
9:04 p.m.SEKURITY BULLETIN: Ninja Strike Force Leader MizCleo and Deputy Wilson Bear in charge of sekurity.
9:18 p.m.Report came in from @HellaHedgie of a spammer. Ninja Strike Force Leader MizCleo and Deputy Wilson Bear successfully blocked him. Made security announcement.
9:28 p.m.SEKURITY BULLETIN: Captain Snickers back in charge of #pawpawty sekurity.
9:30 p.m.Captain Snickers reported bad #pawpawty spammer to Twitter. We got him!
9:31 p.m.Deputy Wilson Bear steps down from sekurity dooty. Great work for a first-time deputy!
9:32 p.m.Captain Snickers, Officer Annie discuss plan to save kitty stuck in the rafters. Officer Brutus plans to throw a rope to the kitty. Dokumentation Officer Lexi-Lou asks Ninja Strike Force Leader MizCleo to use ninja skills to save kitty.
9:47 p.m.Officer Annie arrived early for dooty but brought "special" brownies. Captain Snickers reminds her to not partake until after she's off dooty.
Handoff Report:Officer Annie reported early, so she was already updated on the situation. Captain Snickers reminded her and Ninja Strike Force Leader MizCleo to continue operations to rescue the kitty in the rafters.
9:55 p.m.Sergeant Shawnee Shep, still helping while off dooty, reports reskoo mishun in progress by Ninja Strike Force Leader MizCleo. See photo for all the action.
10:04SEKURITY BULLETIN: Officer Annie now in charge of sekurity. Captain Snickers signing off.
10:05 p.m.Sergeant Shawnee Shep reports: Tada! Reskoo mission suksesful!
10:30 p.m.Reports came in of dogs in trouble: @MugsyDog (, @LouPeb ( Sergeant Shawnee Shep investigating if either had take-out meal.
10:38 p.m.Officer Annie found stoned kitties. Will monitor situation.
11:09 p.m.Officer Annie asked @RockumSockum to close his legs after a questionable picture surfaced (warning -- graphic content).
11:25 p.m.Sergeant Shawnee Shep also reported some photos of animals who enjoyed too much at #pawpawty.
12:00 a.m.Officer Annie ends her shift. Note: NO SEKURITY COVERAGE for the next 2 hours.
1:55 a.m.Officer Morris reports for sekurity dooty.
Handoff ReportNone -- no sekurity coverage prior to Officer Morris's shift.
2:33 a.m.Officer Morris promotes "groovy cake" and then wonders if sekurity should actually be doing that.
2:38 a.m.SEKURITY BULLETIN: If anyone is feeling the effects of too much grooviness, @TheNibblor has set up tents and sleeping bags for you to chill out in.
2:48 a.m.SEKURITY BULLETIN: Officer Morris reports that if anyone is NOT feeling chilled out and totally groovy, please speak to Sekurity. We can help ;)
3:08 a.m.Officer Morriscat advises @henryandfriends not to sip and skip at the same time, or you might spill your milk!
4:01 a.m.Officer Morris reports himself for breaking into the sekurity strongroom and handing out the confiscated stash.
4:03 a.m.Officer Morris reports: Heh heh... I am a BAD security officer ;)
4:14 a.m.Officer Morris's shift is over. Note: NO SEKURITY COVERAGE for the next 4 hours.
7:48 a.m.Ninja Strike Force Leader MizCleo reports for early dooty because of lack of sekurity coverage.
Handoff Report:None -- no sekurity coverage prior to Ninja Strike Force Leader MizCleo signing in.
7:57 a.m.Ninja Strike Force Leader MizCleo reports that the bar is still open, but you have to serve uself because the bartender is passed out!
8:26 a.m.Officer Annie reports in for dooty late. The smoke at #pawpawty during her last shift caused sleep-in problems.
Handoff Report:It was pretty quiet. @scully_cat and @simonelechat are now mixing drinks, Officer Morris is Djing (off dooty).
9:08 a.m.Officer Annie reports night-time rukus: @ConfuciusCat got knocked into mosh pit and dumped in mudpile. @HellaHedgie had lost his Speedos.
9:15 a.m.Speedos were reportedly found in @ConfuciusCat's mouth after waking up in mud puddle.
9:30 a.m.Officer Annie takes @RosieandCheeto to the recovery tent for a time out.
9:39 a.m.SEKURITY BULLETIN: If u playin in de mud please don't gits near de food till us clean up!
9:55 a.m.Officer Annie gives official warning to streakers @CheshireK and @RosieandCheeto. Then caught streakers and made them put fur/feathers back on.
10:26 a.m.Officer Annie gives official warning to @SirFudgeEsq.
10:51 a.m.Officer Frosty & Dew report for dooty late because they had to take a kitty to the vet.
Handoff Report:It wuz perty quiet!
11:05 a.m.SEKURITY BULLETIN: - on their first date.
11:07 a.m.Officers Frosty & Dew report that #pawpawty raised over $1000! The internets is awesome!
11:10 a.m.Officers Frosty & Dew report: We've got a crowd of hula hoopers getting down and having fun.
11:15 a.m.Officer Dew needs to clean up after Officer Frosty. Thinks someone slipped him a laced brownie. Limited sekurity coverage until Officer Frosty is over the brownie.
11:52 a.m.SEKURITY BULLETIN: Don't drink too much coffee! It can have crazy side effects!
11:55 a.m.Friendly Sekurity Reminder: no name calling, no tail swatting, no teeth gnarling. we all fwiends! Have fun and be safe!
12:00 p.m.Officers Frosty and Dew report that they just saved a poor kitty from an illegal puppy maneuver. Be on the look out for that one!
12:24 p.m.Ninja Strike Force Leader MizCleo reported for dooty
Handoff Report:Watch out for the puppy that sits on kittys.
12:29 p.m.Officers Frosty & Dew sign off sekurity dooty! "Thank you all for playing nicely & making our job easy! Pawty on! Peace out!"
12:32 p.m.Report comes in that @LadyBonessa jumped in the lake but can't swim.
12:35 p.m.SEKURITY BULLETIN: Resku mishun underway! @HankTheDoggy assisted @LadyBonessa out of the lake. Sekurity will continue to moniter.
12:38 p.m.Reports come in that cats like beer! Sekurity will monitor closely!
1:15 p.m.Ninja Strike Force Leader MizCleo reports that the crowd this morning was pretty tame, mostly toast and coffee, some smoothies. Last night was wild!
2:07 p.m.SEKURITY BULLETIN: CONGRATS FRIENDS! PawPawty raised $1281 for TEARS! (+ checks are coming)
2:09 p.m.Ninja Strike Force Leader MizCleo reports that we had a successfull #pawpawty! Advises everyone to have a safe trip home! Inform sekurity if you needs a cab, Ninja Strike Force leader MizCleo gots 'em lined up fur our partygoers!
2:22 p.m.Ninja Strike Force Leader MizCleo signs off! "Have a fabulous day friends! Fank u so much for ur friendship, donashuns, and participation!"

The August 2009 PawPawty Sekurity Team thanks all anipals for participating and having such a great PawPawty!


Betsy said...

That is great!!!

Captain Snickers said...

OH MY DOG lexi-lou this is an amazing sekurity report! i hopes you will continue to be our documentation officer for pawpawty sekurity. you did such a grate job!

Shawnee the Shepherd said...

You did a wunnerful job! Proud to has you on our team!

Sergeant Shawnee

CheshireK said...

Hee. Hee. I was streaking TWICE and you only caught me ONCE.

Boris Kitty said...

Sekurity wuz already goned when ma belly wuz painted orange while i were passed out affer da pawpawty!

MizCleo said...

awesome! fank u so much for ur hard work! i luv reading the whole story! we really did have a super fun time!

Ninja Strike Force Leader mizCleo

LouPeb said...

Wow! Great report, officer Lexi-Lou! what a pawsome job! *woof woof*

SylvieDog said...

Excellent record keeping! And fabulous security.

Pandafur said...

What a pawsome report, you all did a grate job keepin us safe an having fun at the pawpawty. Kudos to you all!