Monday, August 24, 2009

Dry Doggie Food

Tonight I decided to take a walk on the wild side and I ate some of my dry doggie food. That stuff just sits there on my food mat all of the time. I always refuse to touch it. See...Mom gives me some doggie food from a can, and I like that better, so I never eat the dry stuff. I just make Mom give me more canned food when I'm hungry. Got her well trained!

But tonight I got a little adventurous, and a bit too hungry, and I eated the dry stuff. You should have seen the look on Mom's face! She was SO surprised. She even got me more of the dry stuff out. She was so happy that I ate the first bit that I just decided to eat the new pieces of dry food, too.

Tomorrow I'll just be eatin' my canned stuff again, though. Don't want to make a habit of the icky, dry food or Mom won't keep getting the canned food for me!

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LouPeb said...

hah! you sound like me! it was like annual event before but now I eat dry kibble about once or twice a month. when I do, mama tears up and give me standing ovation. BOL!