Thursday, April 30, 2009

The Puddle!!!

We walked around the pond today...and I played in my big puddle! This is the puddle that I like to play in, but Mom gets upset with me when I do. The puddle was really, really big today, too, 'cause of all of the rain that we've had. It was so cool! Mom didn't even get after me too much for playing in it. I think that's just 'cause she was trying to take pictures, though.

But she did get pretty mad when I started drinking from the puddle. I don't know what the big deal's just puddle water. I did that a couple of times. he he he

Here's my puddle from a distance. And then Mom took some pictures of me playing in the puddle (when she wasn't yelling at me for drinking the puddle water...).

Of course I had to sniff the garbage can in the middle of the water. Wiped my feets there for a bit, too.

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