Friday, April 24, 2009

Worst Day Ever!

Yesterday was terrible...just terrible!

Mom slept later than she should, so she didn't take me for a walk around the pond. Instead, we had to just take a short walk around the place we live. It was her fault for sleeping late, so why am I the one punished???

Then, she came home really, really early from work. I knew something was up, though, because she doesn't do that. Sure enough, I had an appointment at...THE GROOMER! I hate that place. It's just terrible! They make me take a bath and they make me sit under a dryer. Then I have to sit still while they give me my haircut. I really don't like going there.

I thought I was going to get out of the haircut itself because I saw Mom standing there when I was finished getting dry. I thought things were looking up. Nope. SHE LEFT! That's right...she freaking left me at the groomer all alone TWICE yesterday!

Then when we went home, she wouldn't let me walk much because she said she was in a hurry. She waited for me to take care of business and then she scooped me up and took me inside. I had no choice in the matter.

And then she left again!!! I know it wasn't a class night for her because she just had one the night before. So why on earth did she spend all evening someplace other than being home with me???

That's just not right. I'm pretty ticked at her now...

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