Wednesday, April 15, 2009

How I Embarrassed Mom

This was SO funny that I just have to share...

Yesterday after Mom got home from work we went for a walk around our pond. There's this spot where the sidewalk is all flooded from the rain we had this week. It's a deep puddle, and it goes into the grass on both sides of the sidewalk, too. Mom tried to get me to walk around the puddle, but what fun is that?! I went right through it! So she starts in on me...

"Lexi, get out of the puddle! You're getting your belly all wet. LEXI-LOU, get over here!"

I finally got tired of her nagging and tugging on my leash, so I jumped out of puddle near where Mom was. I waited until we were almost all of the way past the puddle, though. So then Mom keeps going...

"Oh, now that did you a lot of good. You splashed through the entire thing and jumped out at the end! You soaked yourself!"

And THAT'S when Mom realized that there was a guy on a bike right behind us. He was laughing as he rode past. Mom was SO embarrassed. She said that he was laughing 'cause she was fighting with a tiny doggie over a big puddle. I guess not all people talk to their doggies like Mom talks to me, either. I thought it was hysterical!

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