Monday, July 14, 2008

Oh, What a Beautiful Day!

I had such a cool day yesterday!

Mom took me for a walk around the pond early in the morning. She usually doesn't take me to the pond when I wake her up early like that. She did yesterday, though. It was a beautiful day, too. There was this huge puddle over there -- the sidewalk was flooded from all of the rain we've had. You know what I did? Mom tried to get me to walk around the water, but I decided to go right through the middle! I got all wet up to my sides. My belly was completely soaked. Mom couldn't believe I did that because I hate to take baths. This was different, though. It was a puddle! I am a dog, after all...

Last night, Mom took me to the park, too. I got to go for two long walks in one day! How cool is that?! We hadn't gone to the park in a long time. There was all sorts of stuff to sniff there. Lots of doggies had been at the park, so I had to leave my mark on a lot of stuff. I love going to the park!

Today it was back to work for Mom and I, though. Bummer. Oh, well. I'm gonna keep thinking about that park...I hope she takes me again soon!

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