Tuesday, October 30, 2007

The Pond

Woo Hoo! I got to go for a walk around the pond tonight. I love the pond! There's a sidewalk all of the way around it, so I only have to walk in the grass if I want to sniff a tree. There are SO many trees around the pond -- I get some really good sniffing action going on. Tons of smells to sniff and places to pee. I like to wipe my feet all over, too, just so the other doggies know that I was there.

I had a little accident in my office today. Mom couldn't have been too upset, though, if she took me to the pond. I think she knows that I'm not feeling the best yet. My mouth still hurts. I tried and tried and tried tonight to munch on a chew stick, but it hurt too much. Bummer. I tried some of my crunchy doggie food, too, 'cause I was hungry, but it hurt, too. I gave up. Good thing I gave up when I did -- Mom saw me trying to eat and she gave me some more of that yummy doggie food from the can! That stuff rocks.

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