Saturday, October 20, 2007

Leaf Me Alone

Leaves. I hear they're beautiful this time of year. I must say, though, that they're just a pain in the paw for me.

Who wants to walk through those things?! My little paws poke right through the dry ones, and you have no idea what you're stepping on beneath them. The sharp parts hurt. The ones that aren't all dried out are just slippery and wet, which makes my paws all wet, too. Yuck!

The worst part, by far, however, is the danger when it's windy outside. Those leaves turn into deadly projectiles! They just FLY across the parking lot. It's terrifying! Sure they're not so much of a problem for people -- you're more than a few inches off of the ground. Imagine something the size of your head flying right at YOU, though! How scary is that?!

I can't wait until these silly things are all gone.

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