Thursday, October 18, 2007

Ode to the Squeaky Toy

It’s time to let my creative side out. Here’s some puppy poetry…

Ode to the Squeaky Toy

It sits on the floor so quietly,
But the toy senses its doom.
Suddenly I pounce
And fling it across the room!

Just as soon as it’s landed
I attack a second time.
I growl and chew and fling again.
Oh, the joy is so sublime!

I shake my head about
With a firm hold on the toy.
Then I start to chew
And that’s what I most enjoy!

I chomp with my little teeth,
Through the soft fabric plush,
Until I find that squeaker
Then oh, what a rush!

I chew and squeak
Then squeak some more.
The room’s soon filled
With squeaks galore!

But then the moment passes.
The toy goes back to the floor
For I’m such a busy doggie
With lots and lots to explore!

But I’ll be back again in no time.
There’s a draw that you can’t destroy.
I certainly have a weakness
For a great squeaky toy!

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