Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Fights and Food

My tummy is still feeling icky and I decided that I don't want to eat anything but hamburger. I haven't even wanted to eat my rice. Yesterday, Mom and I got into a HUGE argument about whether or not I was going to take my antibiotic. She kept trying to shove it down my throat (HOW RUDE!). So I'd pretend that I swallowed it and then I'd spit it out when Mom wasn't looking. She'd find it a few minutes later, though, and shove it in my mouth again. That was NOT fun. I finally just swallowed the darn thing.

Mom said that was the last antibiotic pill that I had to take, but I didn't believe her. She didn't make me take any today, though, so maybe she was telling the truth.

We went for walks around the pond yesterday and today. Mom let me walk really slowly and we rested when I wanted to. When ya don't feel good, the pond isn't as much fun.

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