Saturday, August 9, 2008

To Market, To Market

I feel really bad now for complaining about how boring Mom was. You know what she did today? She took me to the farmer's market!

I love going to the market because there are so many people there and there's so much stuff to sniff. I don't even know how many times today I heard, "Oh, what a cute doggie!" I know I'm cute, but it's always great to hear other people say that. I get lots and lots of extra petting there, too.

I got pretty tired, though, 'cause it was a lot of walking. And I had to be careful because there were a lot of people there. That's a lot of feet that I have to watch out for -- don't want to be stepped on!

But even with all of those feet, I still had a pretty cool day. I guess taking that bath last night was worth it since I got so much petting at the market!

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