Tuesday, April 8, 2008

Oprah's Show on Puppy Mills

Mom taped Oprah's show from last week on puppy mills, and she just finally worked up the nerve to watch it last night. It was SO sad! Please check out Oprah's resources on animal rescues:

If you're looking to increase your family, please consider adoption from a shelter or animal rescue. Don't support the puppy mills! Dogs are people, too, and no doggie should ever have to live in the conditions shown on Oprah's secret footage. I felt so bad for all of those puppy dogs. It's just horrible, too, that doggies are put to sleep in shelters because nobody wants them. Surely someone out there could give those puppies a good, loving home!

Have I ever told you my story? I was born at a breeder's house, and I was adopted by some nice people parents. I was sick when I was born, and my first people parents helped to make me all better. I had a lot of other Shih Tzu siblings there, though, and they picked on me a lot. I was always so scared. The other dogs wouldn't even let me eat very much dog food! So, when my first people parents found out that Mom was looking to adopt, they asked her if she could give me a good home. We've been together ever since. I love living here -- I'm the only doggie; I'm spoiled rotten; and I run the show!

Please make another puppy's dreams come true. Adopt from a shelter or rescue!!!

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