Monday, April 14, 2008

Changing My Mind

I have the right to change my mind, don't I? My Mom doesn't seem to think so. Take tonight, for example. We went outside so that I could do my thing. I took care of business and I was ready to come back inside. Mom didn't agree. She made me go for a walk in the cold! After we got going, though, I decided that it wasn't too bad of a night for a walk. I started to enjoy myself.

Wouldn't you know it, we were back at our building in no time at all and Mom made me come back inside! I didn't want to. I wanted to sniff some more and check a few other things out. But noooooo. Mom had to drag me inside, claiming she was tired and that I'd had enough time to check my pee-mail. It was just ridiculous. Why is SHE the boss all of the time?! I've got to figure out how to train her better...

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