Saturday, February 7, 2009

It's Spring!

All of that nasty snow melted today 'cause it got warm out. So guess where Mom took me??? The pond! That's right...we got to go for a walk around the pond! I love that place.

The grass was all squishy and smooshy, and there was lots of water all over the sidewalk in spots. In one place, Mom almost lost her shoe in the smooshy grass! It was pretty funny.

Some people let their doggies poop on the snow all over around the pond and they didn't clean it up. So the snow melted and now the sidewalk has lots and lots of piles of poop on it. Some of the piles were as big as me. There must be some BIG doggies over there!

The highlight of my trip around the pond today was when I really ticked Mom off. It was SO funny, though, that I have to share. See, sometimes I have to wipe my feet in the grass to leave my scent ('cause that's what you do when you run out of pee-pee). So I had to start doing that when we were walking around the pond. The grass was all squishy, though, so I got pretty wet. And a few times, my little feets actually dug through the grass and ended up getting into the mud. When that happened, I actually started flinging mud at Mom as I wiped my feet. I splattered mud on her hand and on her pants. It was absolutely HYSTERICAL! Mom was not so amused...but I sure enjoyed it!

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