Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Why Is Mom So BUSY?!?!

Mom's been hogging the computer lately. She's SO RUDE! She says she has to have it so that she can do her homework. She doesn't understand that I need time to update my blog. Doggies have online needs, too.

Then she tells me that she has to study so that she can graduate and get another job so we can get a nice, big yard for me. She says I can have my very own trees to pee on and my very own yard where no other doggies can go potty.

When I was a puppy I had a yard at my old home. That was before Mom adopted me. There were lots of other doggies there, though. (They didn't like me...those big bullies.) Anyway, I like yards. Grandma's yard is really, really cool.

But Mom's too busy with school and homework. I don't get nearly enough attention anymore. I pottied in my crate yesterday just to prove my point. A yard someday would be cool...but I want more time with Mom NOW!

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