Thursday, October 30, 2008

Lots of Trips to the Vet

Mom had a stay-home day today. I don't think she was feeling very good. I'm just glad she let ME stay home, too, 'cause you know what she did last week and this week? She took me to the doggie doctor for FIVE days in a row! How rude!

On two days she actually left me alone there all morning. I've been so poked and prodded that it ain't funny. Dr. Rebecca and Dr. Curt are nice and stuff, but nobody likes to be stuck at the vet.

Now Mom's making me take pills. She seems pretty sad about something, too. I don't know what, though, 'cause I feel fine. She said I have bad liver problems, whatever that means. I just give her some extra kisses when she gets so sad.

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