Friday, June 13, 2008

I Got in Trouble...

Sorry I haven't been able to post in a while. I was grounded, and Mom wouldn't let me use the computer.

We had a little disagreement last week. Mom said she needed to go back to work, but I wanted her to stay home with me. So I decided to let her know just how upset at her I peeing in my crate every day. On Friday, I even rolled around in it a bit, just so that I smelled "great" for Mom. Boy, was she mad!

She grounded me. We also had a discussion about how she needs to go to work so that we have money to buy doggie food and doggie toys. I suppose she has a point there. I decided I'd better shape up and just get used to being back in my office during the day. I haven't pottied inside again. (She made me take a bath on Friday after I rolled in the messy crate -- I really HATE baths!)

It stinks that she's at work again, though. I really liked spending all of my time with her when she was home sick for the last few months. I even got to nap on the couch with her every day. Oh, well. I suppose that having money for doggie food is more important...

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