Saturday, September 13, 2008

Poor, Sick Pooch

Wonder why I've been quiet lately? I've been sick. Mom even made me go to that VET again! She was worried that I had more icky bladder stones 'cause I was having accidents in my crate. Dr. Rebecca said it was just a bladder infection, but they made me have tests done to be sure. I really don't like the vet...even though they're nice there and they love doggies. But no doggie likes to be poked and prodded!

So I've got some pills that I need to take for a while. Mom tries to hide them in my doggie food. She actually thinks that I don't know they're there, if you can believe that. I'm not an idiot.

I went to the doggie spa last week, so I'm really super cute right now, too. When you don't feel good, it helps a little to know that you're still adorable. Mom had the groomer trim my ears so that they don't flop in my water bowl so much. That made me even cuter!

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